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When it comes to sex and the way we do it, the possibilities are virtually endless. But many couples can find themselves in the auto-loop cycle of makeout, missionary, mission complete.

While reaching climax is certainly an end goal when it comes to sex, it doesn’t have to be the sole purpose of every sexual encounter you have with your partner. Sex is like a sundae; ice cream by itself is a tasty treat, but there are lots and lots of toppings you can add to make it even better.

If you are looking for a way to make sex, well, sexier, sensation play is the perfect place to start. Sensation play engages the body’s senses to arouse or heighten one particular sense, resulting in a more intense and pleasurable full-body experience. Sometimes sensation play is considered part of the BDSM category, but more often than not it is a gentle and sensual bedroom activity used to enhance the overall pleasure felt during sex. And, let’s be honest, who isn’t down to perking up their pleasure meter?

There are lots of ways to add a bit of sweet sensation into your sex life. A super fun and light option that’s great for introducing sensation play is using a feather tickler.

The Sportsheets Midnight Feather Tickler is as sexy as it is soft, and features super lush feathers that let you tease and taunt your partner without bringing back childhood memories of being tickle-tortured by an older sibling. Move the Tickler up and down their body lightly and pay attention to any places that seem to really turn them on. If you want to take tickling to the next level, try blindfolding your partner with the sexy Midnight Lace Blindfold. Cutting off one sense helps to further heighten the others, so by flying blind, she’s going to experience some great highs from everything else you do to her.

If you want to turn your sensation play up a notch, a flogger like the Edge Spike Flogger  can add a more intense way to heighten your partner’s sense of touch. Just like the tickler, start by gently dragging it across your partner’s body. Then softly whip the flogger—the key word here is softly—to build up the tension.

If your partner is comfortable, try whipping a him little harder. After each whip, be sure to gently drag the tassels of the flogger over the same spot to provide a soothing touch. The fun is in finding the aspects of sensation play that your partner enjoys most, and to build upon those in the bedroom.

Spanking is also an incredibly hot way to practice sensation play because it incorporates both pleasurable and painful sensations, which together can result in an intensely erotic sexual experience. A great way to introduce spanking is with a paddle or crop that isn’t super scary. The  Midnight Lace Paddle is perfect because it’s lacy, soft, and feminine (read: not intimidating). Start out by spanking your partner gently, making sure to communicate with each other to determine the level of pain they are comfortable with before increasing how hard you spank them.

While everyone is seemingly BDSM-curious these days (thanks to the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ books and movie franchise), it’s still important to make sure you and your partner are continuously communicating throughout the various of stages of your sensation play experimentation. Establishing a safe word is a great go-to method to ensure you both feel comfortable and are on the same page.

There’s often a fine line between pleasure and pain—and that’s exactly what makes sensation play so exciting. Our bodies offer an infinite number of ways to explore the senses, and with a little experimentation, you’ll find exactly what best tantalizes yours.

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