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Month: August 2017

No Pain, No Shame: Our Anal Guide to Butt Stuff




The anus and rectum contain several nerve endings, most of which are located at the entrance of the anus. The stimulation of these nerve endings is what can make penetration enjoyable. Stimulation of that region can even trigger an orgasm on its own. Of course, as with vaginal intercourse, the level of pleasure will differ from person to person. Some may find the act immediately enjoyable while others may be number. You won’t know where you fit on the spectrum until you give it a shot.

Plain and simple, there is no singular barrier of pain you must get through before anal starts to feel great. To repeat, bottoming shouldn’t hurt. If it does, your body is telling you to stop. Halt and then try a different position or try again later. If you think anal is meant to hurt, your brain will convince you every step of the way that it does. That’s not to say some practitioners don’t enjoy the pain as its own sexual kink, but in terms of safety, when done correctly, anal sex should not hurt. Pain doesn’t always precede pleasure, especially when it comes to your body.

An anus doesn’t supply its own lube like a vagina. Therefore, extra help in that department isn’t just recommended, it’s necessary. Lots of lube and some practice with your fingers is the best way to train for first-time anal sex. You don’t want to jump right into the act; this takes time.

As for the type, water-based lube is the safest but is more quickly absorbed by the body. Oil-based lubes are old news; few sexperts will recommend using them, in part because they can break down condoms. That leaves silicone-based lubricant. It’ll keep your behind wetter, longer. And yes, you should always use a condom. It’ll lessen the awkwardness should an accident occur, but also because it’s 2017 and—duh.

Anal sex is by no means as spontaneous as vaginal intercourse. Throwing someone down on the bed and knocking on their backdoor requires planning and preparation, for obvious reasons. Before partaking, the receiver should enjoy a cup of coffee and let nature do it’s thing. Preparing with a douche, followed by a shower, is also standard protocol.

Start by inserting one finger into your partner. Stimulating your female partner’s clitoris or your male partner’s genitals simultaneously is a good way to alleviate stress and help the body relax. Drinks also help. If a male is being stimulated, the partner should start by massaging the prostate, otherwise known as the G-Spot or P-Spot. The prostate is a solid, walnut-sized gland located toward the belly button and near the bladder that produces prostatic fluid, an ingredient in semen. Stimulation to this area can result in its own prostate-induced orgasm. Gentlemen, ever had one of those? You’ll thank me.

There’s a strong chance first-timers will tense up, clenching their internal muscles, which then causes the sphincter to clench in return. This clenching creates an obvious barrier between you and whatever object wants inside. Communicating to your partner is a key component throughout anal sex. This isn’t a quickie. Ass play is going to be weird at first. Both partners need to be mentally prepared for the experience, to thrust slowly or to halt at any moment. By the way, there’s no harm in laughing here and there, too.

Anal stimulation isn’t limited to penetration. Anilingus, or teasing the anus with the tongue and mouth, is another sexual act surging in popularity. In 2008, a study of 1,400 straight American men found that anilingus was common among couples who’ve had anal sex. In fact, 24 percent of men had performed analingus on their partners and 15 percent received it. The same study found that almost one in four straight-identifying men had been anally stimulated by a partner’s finger. More recently, Esquire polled 500 men and found that more than 10 percent of men wished they were getting more anilingus.

Normalization is on the horizon, and breaking down the myths is the way to break through the stigma and deleted misinformation from public knowledge. We should all be open to practicing safe, consensual anal sex whenever the hell we want. Let’s worship the booty, people.

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5 perfect sex positions for a one night stand. NSA-SEXCONTACTS.COM recommend.

1     The dine and dash
2Daring doggy
3The blindfold bluff
4The fainting couch
They sit back with their legs slightly spread, you sit on their lap, same way, like a nesting doll. Easy for either of you to stimulate you with toy or hand, and, if you scoot around a little, full penetration via strap-on or peen. Intimate without being too intimate.
5The late night slider
Go ahead and over-lube because why not — the normal spots, yes, but smear it everywhere. Hop aboard at an angle and glide your slippery boobs across their chest, glide up and down their shaft (or vulva, depending). Deliciously but messy — that is, good to do at their place.

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