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Month: October 2017

Carve Out Your Hook-Up Horrors With These Tasty Tricks and Treats



As it is coming up to the fright fest that is Halloween, we are all about turn offs this month, the very things that send erections and arousal running off into the darkness. As part of this, we wanted to give you a Thing-like hand in uncovering some of the beasties that could be plaguing your profile and actually stopping you from getting the boning sessions you desire. Let’s lay them to rest for good and get back to the kind of orgasmic screaming you actually want to hear in the night. Wooooooo!

Hey Boo-tiful!

When it comes to getting in touch with people, so many people make the mistakes of writing overly crude messages, not enough text (A simple ‘hey’ tends to have a negative impact), or going overboard with the sex smileys. This may be an adult network, but from the feedback we get, it can turn quite a lot of people off. Use your instincts when it comes to approaching someone, Some members like a good flirt, some want to jump into cybersex immediately, and some prefer a more formal introduction. Make sure you read their profile description to get a vibe of the tone of language this person uses. This will give you a good indication of the type and tone of the message to send. Use this to your advantage.

If You’ve Got It – Haunt It!

You are on the site looking for sex. We know!!! Remember, people are on the site for similar reasons. If your objective is sex, then your profile description is your chance to tell members why they should especially want to have sex with you versus everyone else.

Try and expand your description and maybe include some hobbies and interests etc. This could be as dirty as you want. You can potentially talk about anything, from your favourite music, to your favourite sex positions, to your adoration of erotic nipple play, it’s completely up to you. As much info as possible is the key as a lot of people are quite shy about messaging others, so if they see some common ground and something mutual between you then they may find it a bit easier to initiate conversation.

Adult fun is what most members want but they don’t want to do just “do it” with anyone. Make them give you a second and third look by introducing yourself in a manner that makes them feel like they know you a bit more. Make sure you include what sort of connections you are looking to make, can you accommodate, are you willing to travel, are you looking for long term, one off meets etc. Give them something to talk about and not just the size of your junk. If they are lucky, they will find that out for themselves hey. 😉

More Than Resting Witch Face!

Be brave and add a profile picture. Profiles with a main photo tend to receive much more attention than those with an avatar. We understand that some people are wary of uploading a facial profile pic but even a body shot so that your faces are concealed will attract more attention to your profile than an avatar, without giving away your identity.

Take the time to think about your pictures and what they say about you. Remember, the first time someone most likely sees your photo is as a small round image in the search results. For this reason you need to make it as eye catching as possible. If you have photo that makes it very difficult to see any details especially when viewing it on a mobile device, you are going to have a tough time standing out from the rest. Also, change up your picture regularly so you don’t become just another face in the crowd.

Are They Really Your Blood Type?

There are a variety of ways to show who you are and what you are looking for. Select your interests on your profile so members can find common ground, create a blog, this can be anything about you such as your fantasies, dreams, ambitions or even events that have happened in your day to day life. Make these blog entries a few hundred characters long at a time and make them as funny, emotive interesting etc as you can.

Lifting Your Spirits!

Are you admin validated? To be site admin verified, please upload a photo to your profile or attach it to a ticket of your full face, holding a piece of paper with today’s date and your username written on it. This will give your profile a real BOOst.

Creeping It Real!

We do check all profiles by hand but unfortunately, as with all sites of this nature, some will inevitably slip through the net. Like all online communities, there are people who have other motives, so here are some handy hints to weed out fakes and spot the suspicious:

Never send money to someone you meet online. Report anyone who asks for money or any interaction that seems unusual. Our Customer Service team are here to help you 7 days a week.

Many members have asked us about Dating IDs. You DO NOT need an ID card to join or use the site and any emails or messages regarding these are not associated with us in any way whatsoever. Please report anything like this on the site to a member of staff.

Avoid following any links to other websites as these may be insecure. If anyone asks you to verify yourself on another site, be wary. Anyone wanting admin validation can contact a member of our admin team and they will help you.

By using the site’s communication tools, we have your back. Once you start communicating outside of the site, our protective measures are extremely limited. Only go off site when you are 100% comfortable.

Putting Some Serious ‘BOO’ in Booty!

Get involved in the chat rooms, write on the blogs and forums, like and comment on other members’ photos, videos and content. With a little time and effort, you will find that more people will communicate with you, send replies etc as they have seen you around on the site and know you are a genuinely looking for a ‘fangtastic’ and sexy time.

So there you have it guys and ghouls. What turns you off when checking out profiles and what are your pet peeves when people contact you on the site? On the other hand, what gets your motors running? Got any more tips for members? Share all in the comments.

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Ever since Dad and I started our affair I’d been begging him to fuck me in the bed he shares with Mom. At first he thought the idea of fucking his own daughter in the marital bed was going too far, but one night when Mom was out he finally gave in.

He took me from behind, but I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me the same way he fucks Mom, with me on my back, him on top, and no pulling out. By that point Dad needed my cunt so much that he didn’t argue.

He groaned that he was close to cumming and I kept telling him to cum inside me. I was so excited because I wasn’t on any birth control.

But then something terrible happened. Mom came in.

We didn’t even hear her come home, and now she had caught us – her husband and daughter fucking in the marital bed. She totally freaked out.

During the next month Dad quit his job, I pulled out of college, we both changed our names and moved to another state. Fortunately Dad was able to find work quickly and soon we had a place of our own where we could live as husband and wife, with nobody knowing we were really father and daughter. Finally we could make love whenever we wanted without guilt or fear of getting caught.

We were so happy! We couldn’t wait to christen our new bed and of course, Dad made sure he pumped all his cum deep inside me.

We were ready to start a new life and a new family all of our own.

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As soon as we were out on the balcony, my hand shot straight up my daughter’s skirt. She smirked and said I was incorrigible, but I know she loved it. We’ve been secretly fucking for years and we both enjoyed pushing our luck to see what we could get away with. For example, right now she was supposed to be inside her apartment celebrating her new promotion with her friends, but she snuck away from her own party to be out here with me. We kissed for a while wondering what her friends and colleague would think if one of them came out and saw us, and that’s when I decided to see just how wet she was.

Turns out, she was extremely wet and that got me extremely hard. Fortunately, it took very little persuasion from me to convince my daughter to drop to her knees and start sucking my cock. As my daughter blew me, I listened to the sounds of the party inside and let my eyes wander over to the apartment opposite where I saw a lovely sight – a gorgeous young woman being fucked from behind.

‘Holy shit,’ I said, ‘Isn’t that one of the girls you went to school with?’

My daughter took her mouth of my cock, spun around and confirmed that the girl in the apartment opposite her with the window wide open was indeed a girl she knew from school. And then my daughter gave me another piece of information, “And Dad… that guy fucking her… it’s her dad!”

I was too busy checking out my daughter’s old classmate that I didn’t pay any attention to the guy slamming her, but then I recognized him from parent-teacher nights and as my daughter said, he was the father of the girl he was fucking.

“Oh shit,” I said to my own daughter. “I’m going to have to do the same to you now baby.”

So I spun my daughter around, lifted her skirt and started pounding her from behind.

We were facing the other father/daughter couple and trying to fuck in time with them. I instructed my daughter to softly call out her friend’s name to get her attention, so my daughter did and we briefly made eye contact with her incestuous neighbor.

I started fucking my daughter harder and harder as she turned around to give me a cheeky look. “Turns you on to watch another couple, huh Dad.”

She started giggling, but suddenly the giggles turned to gasps as she started to cum.

Later, both girls draped themselves over their balconies and made small talk with each other, as their fathers’ cum dripped out of their cunts. I waved to the other dad and he gave me the thumbs up grinning. Us likeminded fathers have to stick together!

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