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20th December 2023     0 Comments

9 Christmas Chat Up Lines To Get You Laid

1. If you come home with me girl, I promise I’ll last longer than Christmas mass!

2. You’re a Christmas Cracker! And I could be the silly joke inside you!

3. I’m like the Grinch, except it ain’t my heart that’s growing three sizes!

4. I hope you’re not a Gremlin, cos I plan on getting you wet after midnight!

5  If you were a Christmas tree, there would be no need for decorations: you’re perfection!

6.  Excuse me I’m trying to find somewhere open on Christmas Day, your legs perhaps??

7  My dick is so big I only get to see the top end of it around the holidays!

8. My life without you would be like Home Alone 4- pointless!

9. I can’t believe I met you on  MATURE FUN UK.


19th December 2022     0 Comments