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5 perfect sex positions for a one night stand. NSA-SEXCONTACTS.COM recommend.

1     The dine and dash
2Daring doggy
3The blindfold bluff
4The fainting couch
They sit back with their legs slightly spread, you sit on their lap, same way, like a nesting doll. Easy for either of you to stimulate you with toy or hand, and, if you scoot around a little, full penetration via strap-on or peen. Intimate without being too intimate.
5The late night slider
Go ahead and over-lube because why not — the normal spots, yes, but smear it everywhere. Hop aboard at an angle and glide your slippery boobs across their chest, glide up and down their shaft (or vulva, depending). Deliciously but messy — that is, good to do at their place.

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