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Month: November 2016

How to make me come. Written by NSA-SEXCONTACTS.COM member

How to Make Me Come

Hands-on time: About 15 minutes

Recipe makes: 1-2 orgasms


A soft bed


  1. Preheat. Want me.  Tell me you do. This will make me want you more. Be literally unable to keep your hands and mouth off of me.
  2. Shower me with compliments. Genuine compliments. Go beyond “beautiful” and “sexy.” Tell me my breasts are peachy orbs of lusciousness. Tell me my eyes are like the sea. Kiss my nipples and tell me they taste sweet. Tell me you can’t stop kissing them. Note: I get bored after too much breast-play, but I like knowing that you can’t get enough of them.
  3. Lay me down. I don’t want to be standing, or even sitting for this. I want to be on my back. If there are too many pillows on the bed, throw them on the floor. Pay attention to my comfort. This is important, and you will be rewarded.
  4. Kiss my mouth and neck (pay a lot of attention to the neck) while you gently stroke the slightly rounded space between my belly button and pubic bone. For whatever reason, I have a huge concentration of nerve endings here, and playing with it will simultaneously relax me and turn me on.
  5. Pull my underwear off and throw it on the floor.
  6. Reach down and gently comb your fingers through my pubic hair. It should be exciting to you that I have it—if you prefer a smooth labia, that’s cool, but please get the fuck off of me.
  7. Begin gently stroking my clitoris, toward the top.
  8. Keeping one finger on the top, move a second finger to the top left side. Keep stroking.
  9. Don’t be discouraged when I ask you to be more gentle. My clit gets overwhelmed very easily, and I’ll need you to decrease pressure when that happens. You can slowly rebuild the pressure as I get more and more excited, and then decrease again when it gets to be too much.
  10. Keep going. I’m blessed with a highly orgasmic clit, so 3-4 minutes of stroking, building up and then backing off on the pressure, should get me there. I’ll probably start playing with your cock as I get more and more turned on, but as I near orgasm, I’ll be unable to multitask and will stop to focus on my pleasure. Don’t worry, I’ll return to it shortly.
  11. As I get ready to come, it’s important that you don’t change anything. If you move your hand or shift the direction of your stroking, I might lose the feeling. Please keep as you are. I’ll likely whisper, “Just like that. Just like that.”
  12. Keep stroking through the orgasm, through my bucking hips.
  13. As soon as I’ve come, I’ll push your hand away. I’ll be too overwhelmed and won’t be able to handle any action for about 30 seconds.
  14. Once I’ve recalibrated, I’ll want to have penetrative vaginal sex.
  15. I’ll climb on top of you, or you can climb on top of me. We’ll feel it out in the moment.
  16. Because I’ve just come, I’ll likely have a shorter, but still very intense orgasm from penetration, after just a few minutes.
  17. At this point, my focus turns to making you come.
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‘New’ Research on Womens’ Orgasms Tells Us What You Should Definitely Already Know

In news that will come as no surprise to any woman (or anyone who has ever had sex with a woman), a research paper published in the latest issue of the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology finds that women have different kinds of orgasms.

Thank you, science, for the reminder that women experience sex in different ways — and that what turned your last girlfriend on might turn the next one off. The paper also explains that orgasms vary in intensity and frequency, and that they’re affected by how much sexual experience a woman has and the context of the particular sexual encounter. It turns out that hook-up sex is different from sex in a long-term relationship. Who knew? (Oh, right. We all did.)

A team of researchers, from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, wrote the paper to address some of the biggest questions about female orgasms: “Why do they exist? What do women get out of them? Can all women have them? And the most mysterious of all: What produces them?” They wanted to determine if orgasms are caused by vaginal or clitoral stimulation, and they started out by investigating the history of the female orgasm. They also assessed the results of various orgasm-related studies, including a 2010 study in which “sexually naive female rats” received clitoral stimulation with a “fine paintbrush.” If that last sentence inspires the most bizarre mental image you’ve had all year, you are not alone.

So, what did they uncover in their research? Are orgasms centered in the vagina or the clitoris? Of course, they found out it’s not that simple. As the paper explains, those aren’t the only body parts that play a role in the female orgasm. It can also involve the lips, nipples, ears, and neck, among other things.

According to senior author and psychology professor, Jim Pfaus:

“That combination of sensory input is what reliably induces pleasure and orgasm during masturbation and intercourse. That said, we think it’s likely this changes across the lifespan, as women experience different kinds of orgasms from different types of sensations in different contexts and with different partners.”

So, what’s the main take away here? When you’re having sex with a woman, don’t assume she wants her toes sucked or her nipples tickled. And just because something turned her on the last time you were together, that doesn’t mean she feels the same way this time. Instead of making assumptions, ask her what she wants. There’s no scientific paper in the world that can tell you how to make a woman orgasm — but if you listen, she may tell you herself.


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