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Want to Become More Attractive to Women? Be Taken.


You always want what you can’t have. That’s the saying, right? Well, a new study suggests this sentiment is especially true for female attraction. According to a paper published in Scientific Reports, men receive an “attractiveness boost” from women when they’re in a committed relationship, a quality shared with abstract art (as in, you don’t know it’s attractive until someone else tells you).

This concept is called “mate-choice copying.” If a potential partner is chosen by someone else, they appear to be of higher quality than men who remain unplucked. According to reports, this is common conduct, as the same idea has been observed in species of birds and fish.

The researchers claim the reassurance comes in handy for females trying to ensure they’ve chosen the best partner for reproduction. For the study, the research team collected attractiveness ratings of pictures of abstract art, men and men’s hands from heterosexual women in the survey. The kicker: They were also given information about how the other participants had voted. The study was then repeated with the inclusion of lesbians and bisexual women and the results stayed the same, highlighting the fact that all women behave in the same way, regardless of who they are attracted to.

“Women in our study found men’s faces more attractive if other women had given that face high ratings. But the same goes for pictures of abstract artworks,” lead author Dr. Kate Cross said of her research. “Women appear to copy the mate preferences of other women, but this might simply be because humans have a general tendency to be influenced by the opinions of others.”

All boiled down, female attraction toward committed men is largely due to the preconceived idea that taken men have their shit together.

Aside from pointing out that women are socially influenced by other women in regard to men’s attractiveness, no few other insights are shared. So Playboy spoke to Deanna Cobden, dating and relationship coach, who helped further explain the allure of taken men.

“Men in relationships tend to be a little bit more put together and polished, mentally, emotionally and physically and often display the qualities of drive, purpose, ambition, security and stability that women find attractive,” she begins. “That is very often because these types of men have already achieved their own specific career and life goals by the time they’re ready to commit to a relationship. Once they are in that relationship they are ‘all in’ and ready to focus on family and building a life together.”

Now as for whether this plays into the whole “all the good ones are taken” vernacular, Cobden’s not so sure. “It’s a matter of perception, you never really know what’s going on with people,” she admits. “We tend to idealize others’ relationships, but many times the couples you think are perfect end up breaking up, and it wasn’t so rosy after all. Instead of believing the grass is greener on the other side, I believe the grass is greener when you water it.”

After reading of the results of this study, I was reminded of The Bachelor. You know, the wildly successful dating reality show wherein one man finds a woman he loves, and all of the other women automatically love him too because he’s the elected hottie. I mention this to Cobden and started to wonder if our taste in others is more learned than it is biological. She insists it’s a combination of the two, attesting there is always an initial attraction or not. “However, this doesn’t mean instant chemistry, the super-hot kind, is a good idea, because it usually doesn’t end with a perfect lifelong romance.” That’s mainly because you end up starting with the physical, then realize a year or two later that there isn’t enough compatibility for a lifelong partnership with shared qualities and values.”

You can become more attracted to a person physically, mentally and emotionally the more you get to know them. “This is especially true for women, we can fall in love with our brain and start to feel an emotional connection, then become physically attracted. Men tend to fall in love the opposite.”

As for the ladies on The Bachelor, Cobden thinks the spectacle of the situation can be blinding, going after a man but not necessarily being real about who they are or who he is and if the relationship would really be a good one for marriage. “Also,” she adds. They tend to be quite young and on the immature side.” A lot nicer than I would have put it, but sure.

All boiled down, female attraction toward committed men is largely due to the preconceived idea that taken men have their shit together. But, as Cobden mentions, we romanticize people’s relationships. The taken man might be a dipshit, too.



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Carve Out Your Hook-Up Horrors With These Tasty Tricks and Treats



As it is coming up to the fright fest that is Halloween, we are all about turn offs this month, the very things that send erections and arousal running off into the darkness. As part of this, we wanted to give you a Thing-like hand in uncovering some of the beasties that could be plaguing your profile and actually stopping you from getting the boning sessions you desire. Let’s lay them to rest for good and get back to the kind of orgasmic screaming you actually want to hear in the night. Wooooooo!

Hey Boo-tiful!

When it comes to getting in touch with people, so many people make the mistakes of writing overly crude messages, not enough text (A simple ‘hey’ tends to have a negative impact), or going overboard with the sex smileys. This may be an adult network, but from the feedback we get, it can turn quite a lot of people off. Use your instincts when it comes to approaching someone, Some members like a good flirt, some want to jump into cybersex immediately, and some prefer a more formal introduction. Make sure you read their profile description to get a vibe of the tone of language this person uses. This will give you a good indication of the type and tone of the message to send. Use this to your advantage.

If You’ve Got It – Haunt It!

You are on the site looking for sex. We know!!! Remember, people are on the site for similar reasons. If your objective is sex, then your profile description is your chance to tell members why they should especially want to have sex with you versus everyone else.

Try and expand your description and maybe include some hobbies and interests etc. This could be as dirty as you want. You can potentially talk about anything, from your favourite music, to your favourite sex positions, to your adoration of erotic nipple play, it’s completely up to you. As much info as possible is the key as a lot of people are quite shy about messaging others, so if they see some common ground and something mutual between you then they may find it a bit easier to initiate conversation.

Adult fun is what most members want but they don’t want to do just “do it” with anyone. Make them give you a second and third look by introducing yourself in a manner that makes them feel like they know you a bit more. Make sure you include what sort of connections you are looking to make, can you accommodate, are you willing to travel, are you looking for long term, one off meets etc. Give them something to talk about and not just the size of your junk. If they are lucky, they will find that out for themselves hey. 😉

More Than Resting Witch Face!

Be brave and add a profile picture. Profiles with a main photo tend to receive much more attention than those with an avatar. We understand that some people are wary of uploading a facial profile pic but even a body shot so that your faces are concealed will attract more attention to your profile than an avatar, without giving away your identity.

Take the time to think about your pictures and what they say about you. Remember, the first time someone most likely sees your photo is as a small round image in the search results. For this reason you need to make it as eye catching as possible. If you have photo that makes it very difficult to see any details especially when viewing it on a mobile device, you are going to have a tough time standing out from the rest. Also, change up your picture regularly so you don’t become just another face in the crowd.

Are They Really Your Blood Type?

There are a variety of ways to show who you are and what you are looking for. Select your interests on your profile so members can find common ground, create a blog, this can be anything about you such as your fantasies, dreams, ambitions or even events that have happened in your day to day life. Make these blog entries a few hundred characters long at a time and make them as funny, emotive interesting etc as you can.

Lifting Your Spirits!

Are you admin validated? To be site admin verified, please upload a photo to your profile or attach it to a ticket of your full face, holding a piece of paper with today’s date and your username written on it. This will give your profile a real BOOst.

Creeping It Real!

We do check all profiles by hand but unfortunately, as with all sites of this nature, some will inevitably slip through the net. Like all online communities, there are people who have other motives, so here are some handy hints to weed out fakes and spot the suspicious:

Never send money to someone you meet online. Report anyone who asks for money or any interaction that seems unusual. Our Customer Service team are here to help you 7 days a week.

Many members have asked us about Dating IDs. You DO NOT need an ID card to join or use the site and any emails or messages regarding these are not associated with us in any way whatsoever. Please report anything like this on the site to a member of staff.

Avoid following any links to other websites as these may be insecure. If anyone asks you to verify yourself on another site, be wary. Anyone wanting admin validation can contact a member of our admin team and they will help you.

By using the site’s communication tools, we have your back. Once you start communicating outside of the site, our protective measures are extremely limited. Only go off site when you are 100% comfortable.

Putting Some Serious ‘BOO’ in Booty!

Get involved in the chat rooms, write on the blogs and forums, like and comment on other members’ photos, videos and content. With a little time and effort, you will find that more people will communicate with you, send replies etc as they have seen you around on the site and know you are a genuinely looking for a ‘fangtastic’ and sexy time.

So there you have it guys and ghouls. What turns you off when checking out profiles and what are your pet peeves when people contact you on the site? On the other hand, what gets your motors running? Got any more tips for members? Share all in the comments.

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The Reason Older Women Have Better Orgasms is Simple.



The female orgasm just keeps getting better with age. This is based on new research from Natural Cycles, a fetility tracking app whose accuracy is so on pointe that European governement health officials certified it as a legitimate form of contraception in February. For its study on the female orgasm, Natural Cycles surveyed 2,618 women and divided them into three age groups: “young” (below 23 years), “middle” (23-36) and “older” (36 and up).

Of these groups, research concluded that older women (are we still okay with the word cougars? No? Okay.) not only experineced the most satisfying orgasms (58 percent) but also the most enjoyable sex (relatively speaking), with 86 percent reporting that they’d had toe-curling intercourse in the last four weeks. If that wasn’t enough, these women were also the most comfortable in their skin. So it’s safe to assume the common denominator between these self-evaluations is one’s own confidence.

“The results of the survey send out a really positive message about something us women have known and expected for some time,” said Amanda Bonnier of Natural Cycles. “As you get older and get to know your body better, you can have a more enjoyable sex life and feel confident about yourself.”


These numbers keep up with results of other surveys. A 2015 survey by sex-toy company Adam & Eve found that 45 percent of women experience their first orgasmbetween the ages of 18 and 24. That’s because the female orgasm is exceedingly more difficult than a man’s. In fact, Planned Parenthood says that as many as one in three women have trouble reaching orgasm while having intercourse. So cultivating one, either alone or with a partner, takes practice. For some, it can take years.

According to Women’s Day, which spoke with sex researcher Debby Herbenick, based on past research, only 61 percent of women in their thirties mentioned they had recently achieved an orgasm, compared to 70 percent of women in their forties and fifties. Again, this result underlines the fact that orgasms get better with experience due to the fact that women learn what they like. Women then grow more comfortable in themselves sexually.

On the other hand, this research ignores the concept of the sexual peak. “There’s at least one study I know of which found that women experience a small sexual peak in their thirties, meaning they tend to fantasize more about sex and have more frequent sex. “Although that study didn’t look specifically at orgasms, it seems logical that better or more frequent orgasms might accompany such a peak in sexual desire.”

Lehmiller explains that some scientists believe there’s an evolutionary reason women reach a sexual peak in their thirties, and that it’s nature’s way of encouraging women to capitalize on fertility before menopause.“Compared to younger women, women in their thirties are probably more comfortable talking about sex, too, which means they may be more likely to tell their partners what they want,” he adds.

Another contributing factor to better orgasms is the trust and intimacy that gets established with a long-term partner, who, over time, learns how to become a better lover more in tune with their partner, like where—and when—to hit all the right buttons. Sure, looks can fade, but the gift of experience just keeps on giving.

Finally, while less than a third of Natural Cycles’s participants had sex twice per week, the majority believe monogamy is key to a happier sex life, with more than 80 percent saying that it’s possible to have an amazing, long-lasting sex life with the same person, despite some evidence suggesting otherwise. So, score one for monogamy, too.

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When it comes to sex and the way we do it, the possibilities are virtually endless. But many couples can find themselves in the auto-loop cycle of makeout, missionary, mission complete.

While reaching climax is certainly an end goal when it comes to sex, it doesn’t have to be the sole purpose of every sexual encounter you have with your partner. Sex is like a sundae; ice cream by itself is a tasty treat, but there are lots and lots of toppings you can add to make it even better.

If you are looking for a way to make sex, well, sexier, sensation play is the perfect place to start. Sensation play engages the body’s senses to arouse or heighten one particular sense, resulting in a more intense and pleasurable full-body experience. Sometimes sensation play is considered part of the BDSM category, but more often than not it is a gentle and sensual bedroom activity used to enhance the overall pleasure felt during sex. And, let’s be honest, who isn’t down to perking up their pleasure meter?

There are lots of ways to add a bit of sweet sensation into your sex life. A super fun and light option that’s great for introducing sensation play is using a feather tickler.

The Sportsheets Midnight Feather Tickler is as sexy as it is soft, and features super lush feathers that let you tease and taunt your partner without bringing back childhood memories of being tickle-tortured by an older sibling. Move the Tickler up and down their body lightly and pay attention to any places that seem to really turn them on. If you want to take tickling to the next level, try blindfolding your partner with the sexy Midnight Lace Blindfold. Cutting off one sense helps to further heighten the others, so by flying blind, she’s going to experience some great highs from everything else you do to her.

If you want to turn your sensation play up a notch, a flogger like the Edge Spike Flogger  can add a more intense way to heighten your partner’s sense of touch. Just like the tickler, start by gently dragging it across your partner’s body. Then softly whip the flogger—the key word here is softly—to build up the tension.

If your partner is comfortable, try whipping a him little harder. After each whip, be sure to gently drag the tassels of the flogger over the same spot to provide a soothing touch. The fun is in finding the aspects of sensation play that your partner enjoys most, and to build upon those in the bedroom.

Spanking is also an incredibly hot way to practice sensation play because it incorporates both pleasurable and painful sensations, which together can result in an intensely erotic sexual experience. A great way to introduce spanking is with a paddle or crop that isn’t super scary. The  Midnight Lace Paddle is perfect because it’s lacy, soft, and feminine (read: not intimidating). Start out by spanking your partner gently, making sure to communicate with each other to determine the level of pain they are comfortable with before increasing how hard you spank them.

While everyone is seemingly BDSM-curious these days (thanks to the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ books and movie franchise), it’s still important to make sure you and your partner are continuously communicating throughout the various of stages of your sensation play experimentation. Establishing a safe word is a great go-to method to ensure you both feel comfortable and are on the same page.

There’s often a fine line between pleasure and pain—and that’s exactly what makes sensation play so exciting. Our bodies offer an infinite number of ways to explore the senses, and with a little experimentation, you’ll find exactly what best tantalizes yours.

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