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Ever since Dad and I started our affair I’d been begging him to fuck me in the bed he shares with Mom. At first he thought the idea of fucking his own daughter in the marital bed was going too far, but one night when Mom was out he finally gave in.

He took me from behind, but I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me the same way he fucks Mom, with me on my back, him on top, and no pulling out. By that point Dad needed my cunt so much that he didn’t argue.

He groaned that he was close to cumming and I kept telling him to cum inside me. I was so excited because I wasn’t on any birth control.

But then something terrible happened. Mom came in.

We didn’t even hear her come home, and now she had caught us – her husband and daughter fucking in the marital bed. She totally freaked out.

During the next month Dad quit his job, I pulled out of college, we both changed our names and moved to another state. Fortunately Dad was able to find work quickly and soon we had a place of our own where we could live as husband and wife, with nobody knowing we were really father and daughter. Finally we could make love whenever we wanted without guilt or fear of getting caught.

We were so happy! We couldn’t wait to christen our new bed and of course, Dad made sure he pumped all his cum deep inside me.

We were ready to start a new life and a new family all of our own.


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